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The tetrahedron is one of the most stable structure in the world, always landing on its feet. No wonder the carbon lattice as well as methane molecule, all conform to this structure!

Group Home

Tetrahead Group is a diversified group that has subsidiaries and investments in the following areas:

Our Businesses

Tetrahead Energy

We have a fundamental belief that the next 20 years would be dominated by renewable energy around the world. With the intent of being a dominant force in this industry, we have focused on becoming the best execution engine. We have tie—ups with various organizations and institutes on the forefront of research and we do some ourselves, but at the end of the day in the rapidly evolving technology frontier, our differentiator is a portfolio of successful executions. We focus on biofuels as well as renewable power.

Tetrahead Power

Currently we have focus on biomass power and we are working on two projects in Gujarat, one is for 20MW and the other is 5 MW. Our agriculture based background and network with farmers and their cooperatives makes us an expert in aggregating biomass. We expect to replicate this across the country.

Tetrahead Commodities

We trade in conventional oil and gas commodities.

Tetrahead Biofuels

Our focus here is biodiesel. We have IP and expertise in upstream biodiesel where we are aggregating thousands of acres of land leased from various state governments as well as developing a number of mid capacity (50,000 liters per day) biodiesel plants. Our first plant of 50 TPD capacity is up and running in Bangalore and supplying biodiesel to KSRTC and Bangalore Airport. Our biodiesel is sold under the brand name of Jethrol. We are expanding to SE Asia as next step

Tetrahead Consultancy

We provide principals across the world access to markets and business solution in key sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power, Shipping and Healthcare. With our in depth knowledge of the Indian market, we provide a range of services such as marketing, sales and business development, strategic alliance building, operations support and funding. We have a proven track record in establishing and growing businesses as well as cost optimization.

Our Investment Portfolio

· Oil and Gas

· Consultancy Services

· Retail

· Mobile Apps Technology

· Renewable Energy

· Agriculture

· Shipbuilding

· Internet Solutions

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